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They did their best 31 8, 9:03pm

That moment when a Danish webcomic author knows what's happening at a university in North Carolina (I'm from the rival school).

And yes, Confederate monuments are history that remind us of the US South's ugly past, which lasted well after the Civil War. As such, monuments like these belong in a museum. They're nothing but symbols that some Southerners can't suck it up and get over that they lost the war and they can't own slaves anymore, even when they tell their opponents to get over that an orange is now president. Remind me again, who are the snowflakes?

It's a harsh reality, so do tell me again about how big and tough you are when you still can't get over it 150 years later.

And just in case non-Americans get worried, these people are a minority. Most people, at least here in North Carolina, know their history.