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They did their best 31 8, 9:42pm

@EndgameOnyx The thing is, most of the statues that are the subject of controversy aren't those simple soldier memorials you're talking about. People aren't campaigning to have those removed. They're campaigning to remove the statues glorifying people like Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, or Stonewall Jackson.

Side note: most of those statues were not erected around the Civil War. Most of the ones that were are the aforementioned soldier memorials at actual battlefields, little more than simple slabs with text dedicated to everyone who died in that battle. The statues glorifying the generals and leaders came up in 2 main waves: The first was between around 1900-1918, the height of the Jim Crow era; the second was between around 1960-1966, the height of the Civil Rights movement. With that in mind, it's pretty obvious what the intent was: to intimidate black people into "remembering their place" and to tell them that they will never truly be considered equal.