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"I get where you're coming from, but I think you're off on a key point. Many of these statues aren't of leaders or generals, but generic "soldier" memorials. I don't think it's right to deny them the right to memorialize their dead - we didn't even deny the Germans that right after WWII (and the Nazis where abhorrent). "

You've never been to Germany - have you?

There isn't a single statue of a German WWII soldier in uniform there.
They've dealt with their history far better then the US south ever have.

Any depiction of those that fought for Nazi Germany is still highly controversial in Germany and even their many war cemetaries all over Europe are very low key.
No monuments at all, very simple gravestones with name and dates - nothing else.
Not even naming the branch of service or units they belonged to - which the British and US war graves does.

They died fighting for an evil regim who sought to exterminate a people and enslave countless others - all in the name of white supremacy and racism.
Those they know the name of get a tombstone - but that's as far as their memoralizing of them goes, and not an inch further.