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They did their best 6 9, 4:54am

@Fluffkin most of these "Standing Soldier" statues have nothing to do with any specific soldier. They were mass-produced and ordered from a catalogs with various optional hats and uniform accoutrements to customize them for both Confederate and Union and various regiments. The plaques that go with them are often the purest horseshit, as many of the soldiers they "memorialize" were simply made-up names slapped on popular stories with no actual fact-checking or verification by the town councils that ordered them. At best, these wholly anonymous statues MIGHT occasionally have been erected in honor of an actual soldier who distinguished himself in some manner, but looked nothing like the generalized anonymous white boy in a uniform the bronze casters cranked out by the hundreds.
And I wouldn't hesitate to compare Jefferson Davis to Hitler, nor any of the Southern governors and legislators to Goering or Goebbels.