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A Human Endeavour 6 9, 8:37am

Dear Brother China: Don't despair! Consider this: You're now a part of a very exclusive club, and we welcome you to it. What you have done is an enormous achievement, and we expect even greater achievements from you in the future. You haven't failed, and your achievement inspires everyone to greater efforts. It will take all of us to win the stars. The goal is too lofty for a single person, family, tribe, or nation to reach. Remember: the whole idea of rockets originated in China. If other nations and cultures have leapfrogged over that technology it is only to inspire China to leap themselves, and help us all to get one step closer to the goal.

Nobody can rest on the achievements of other people. We all have to take our own steps and learn our own lessons, otherwise we may miss lessons that other people didn't have the chance to learn.