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Like in the olden days 8 9, 6:33am

@Seithoris Disliking a culture is more or less racist. Some cultures may not fit well in certain environment, true, but that is an objective statement. When you disliking them you are crossing the is-ought distinction. We should not judge cultures, because judging must start with a value system. If you judge a culture, you imply that your own culture is more correct than other's. That why it is racist.

Suppose we give Trump the benefit of doubt. Suppose he only meant to say, people from these country would not fit well with America's Western industrialized capitalist democratic society. Suppose he said that purely from a policy maker's perspective. That's still not true. People fleeing their country are often the most industrious and open-minded. Those are not shit coming out from shit holes, but gold nuggets from dirty rivers.