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Happy Hour 11 9, 6:28pm

The boy in the red shirt with three yellow dots is Christiania. The real-life Christiania is a district in southeastern Copenhagen which is known for being a self-declared "freetown", largely populated by weed-smoking hippie-like people. Within the universe of this webcomic, Christiania is a child of Denmark and an unkown mother (probably Sister Netherlands, according to my own theories).

The boy in the blue shirt and green hat is Kven. The Kvens are descendants of Finnish farmers and fishermen who settled in Northern Norway back in the 18th and 19th century. Within this webcomic, Kven is a child of Norway and an unknown mother (probably Sister Finland).

The sleeping dark-haired boy with a crown on his head is Sealand. The real-life Sealand is a self-declared micronation (in a very literal sense of that word) that occupies the offshore platform Roughs Tower, about 12 kilometres from the coast of Suffolk, England. Within this webcomic, he's a child of England and an unknown mother.

The boy in a red shirt with yellow cross and sunglasses is Fennoswede. The Fenno-Swedes are Finland's Swedish-speaking minority. Within this webcomic, Fennoswede is a child of Sweden and Sister Finland.

America wearing England's shirt