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How to Train Your Red Dragon 13 9, 3:18am


And you're sad.

A little boy, raised on Kremlin-propaganda who thinks he can tell a grown man old enough to be his father in another country that what the little boy has heard in his autocratic rulers propaganda is true, while what the grown man has lived his whole life is not.

Your shitty leader is lying to you - becuase that's what your shitty leaders have always done.
It's the only way Russian leaders can ever stay in power - tell you how terrible every other country is, so you don't rise up in another revolution and kill them all.

And you're falling for it, because they tell you you must belive Russia is great and wonderful and perfect - or you're not a "good Russian".

Stop being so stupid - for your own sake as well as your countrys.

There are brave Russians risking their life every day, trying to make your country a better place - but you waste your time trying to convince me of propaganda lies about my own country?

That's just sad.