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Everything is possible when you don't believe 24 10, 6:57am

@bananaforscale Germany has just figured out that Fission based nuclear power plants aren't economically competitive. If they wouldn't get huge state subsidiaries electricity prices would be much higher.

What subsidiaries does nuclear power get?

There has been huge state sponsoring to technology development and construction.
Most countries promise extremely low liability limits in case of nuclear accidents that heavily reduces insurance bills for nuclear plants.

If I understand correctly that was thinking behind German decision to reduce nuclear power. Too bad alternative technologies aren't yet good enough to be environmental better solutions (when excluding probability for a catastrophic nuclear accidents from the equation). But we can just hope that alternative technologies improve enough to reduce need for supplementary coal power (either energy storage or alternative cheap to operate and fast to start to operate clean power plants).

PS. I know that wind has pretty bad side effects too that aren't always fully accounted to the cost like noise pollution and risk to migrant birds.

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