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Like in the olden days 28 10, 10:14pm

@JustinY Should not judge cultures? so cultures that practices honor killings, child marriages, forced marriages, cousin marriages, segregation, genital mutilation, cultures that lack freedoms of thought and speech, etc are perfectly fine for you? are you telling me these values are on par with our own in terms of value?
Im gonna go that far, im gonna set values on this and indeed imply that our cultures is indeed more correct than others.

Many that comes bring their cultures with them, those who are fleeing is indeed more likely to integrate because they were already opposed to their own country's culture, as opposed to economical immigrants, aka opportunity seekers, who simply move for the economical gain, often under the guise of fleeing which is easily debunkable because they ignored all the peaceful countries on the way to us who happen to have welfare. these people are much less likely to integrate. these people are also often low skill workers and either end up leeching on the state or take up the lower end jobs which drives down wages and makes it harder for citizens who are low skill as well to find jobs

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