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Let Italian men live 7 11, 3:39pm

@Hinoron There are countless homeless shelters that are ONLY for men, since more men are homeless.
This is because more men are entirely dysfunctional alcoholics and it is much, much safer for men to choose homelessness than it is for women. Virtually all long-term homeless people are homeless by choice. Women have to be far more opposed to the other alternatives available to them than men are to risk what happens to them when they are homeless and live with other highly dysfunctional people with high rates of criminality.

There are also many homeless shelters with both men's and women's dorms.

There are no battered men's shelters because women don't have much of a track record for showing up at homeless shelters and beating men to death or shooting them. Men do this. That is why there must be secure women's shelters, whereas a man who is running away from a bad relationship can stay in a homeless shelter without fear. The battered women's shelters tend to have no listed address. They have hidden safe houses. They have high security. They have this because they must. If they do not, women die.

In addition, men in violent relationships are almost never stripped of their financial independence. They have resources and can leave. They are kept only by shame. Women are often forced to quit work. They are sometimes virtually imprisoned in their homes. They often have nothing that they can take with them.

No, there aren't many shelters for men plus children for several reasons. First, the combination is very rare.
The kind of people who become permanently homeless don't become homeless with their kids. They leave them. Men also abandon their families at much higher rates than women. For the men who are temporarily homeless, again, having children that they support is uncommon, but there is the additional problem that other men in homeless shelters (those among the more-or-less permanently homeless) have very high rates of sexual misconduct with children. That is why men must find special family-centered living arrangements where each family unit gets a protected room. Women very, very rarely sexually molest children, and so other women's children are safe from sexual assault in the women's common room of a homeless shelter, even if there is a high proportion of the permanently homeless there.