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Let Italian men live 7 11, 9:49pm

You probably could have condense all of that down to "I put my faith in stereotypes, and don't care what happens to people or children that don't neatly fit into them".

True enough, women very very rarely sexually molest children. They're more likely to physically abuse them, and much more likely to emotionally abuse them. Sexually abusing them isn't unknown either. It's also true to say that MEN very rarely sexually molest children. Sexually molesting children is extremely uncommon. The overwhelmingly vast majority of the human race possesses that deep-seeded, primitive instinct to protect the herd's young at all costs. That instinct can get a little twisted if we are driven by misinformation to go to extraordinary methods to protect from a threat we find most horrible to think of, that also has the most minuscule chance of happening. It leads us to ignore or dismiss the more likely, and less emotional alarming dangers. Children are 161 times more likely to be abused by a close family member than a stranger.

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