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So long suckers 8 11, 5:59pm

@potatoe4life China uses prenatal scans to selectively abort daughters. Baby girls are also murdered at birth--this is a long tradition in China and no one is ever prosecuted. Some were also abandoned. The cities and some rural areas were subject to the one-child policy but not the entire country. In some rural areas where it was in force, you could have a second child if the first was female. Even without all the murder, in those area, you would get 50% male first child, 50% female first child, then 50% male second child and 50% female second child. All of that adds up to 2/3 male, 1/3 female final ratio.

City people who are single children may now have two children, but China is in a state of demographic collapse. People are refusing to have the second child in sufficient numbers. Things will get very, very bad in China within the next 50 years.