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So long suckers 8 11, 6:03pm

@DutchToSwede What a horrible, awful person you are. Literally millions of Chinese have been murdered under this law--and more besides under other similarly stupid plans of the Chinese government. China starved only when the government decided to drag city teenagers out into the countryside and make them the new farmers. China became extraordinarily poor and backward under the policies of its Communist government and is doing well now--relatively--only because of the "free" economic zones that were set up to allow capitalism to flourish.

As someone with family in China, who has relatives who lived in terror of falling accidentally pregnant and then having their babies murdered or being scooped off the street by police for a forced abortion, I am disgusted and appalled by you. You must have thought the Nazis also had the right idea to get rid of all those Jews cluttering up the place. You revolting animal.