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Best Guy Wins 8 11, 7:17pm

@SchrodySweden You wanted people to give a vote for a woman just because she is female? Geez.

Obama's father was a married Nigerian who came to Hawaii and had a bastard child with a teenager who hung around radical political activists. Because his mother was so young, if you interpret one law in the way that literally no one ever has (since the law wasn't written with teen pregnancies in mind), you could claim that he might not be a citizen if he was born outside the country. Which he wasn't.

No naturalized citizen can ever be president in the US. You must be native-born. This means you either must be born in the country or have at least one parent who is a citizen of the US. One law defining the parents says that the parent is a legal adult, which his mother was not. Again, this is an interpretation that has never been accepted--that the child of an American teenager isn't a citizen if the child was born outside of the country--but it is the absolute letter of one law. And Obama was born in Hawaii, anyway.

No one--even the crazy conspiracy theorists--thought Obama wasn't native-born "based solely...on the color of his skin." And Trump was most likely tweeting crap to get a reaction. It's really impossible to know what he really thinks about much of anything because he says so much just to get a reaction.