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The Saami share very, very little East Asian ancestry with the Inuit, and that was from very late waves of invader/settlers. The Saami are not and never were the same as the First Peoples of America or the polar people of the Old World. They are a distinct group with strong Northern European Hunter-Gatherer ancestry mixed with Ancient North Eurasian, much like the rest of the Nordic areas. They only lack much of an Anatolian Early Farmer component (common in southern Europe) or the Caucasus Hunter Gatherer component that was a major part of the Indo-European peoples, who were Caucasus Hunter Gatherer, Northern European Hunter Gatherer, and Ancient North Eurasian with a small side order of Anatolian Early Farmer.

The Inuit and related groups of North America are racially distinct from other First Peoples, as well. They are quite late arrivals from Siberia, and they have a Han Chinese component that other First Peoples don't have. Other First Peoples are a mixture of Ancient North Eurasian and Early East Asian and are much more closely related to Polynesians and Taiwanese than to Han Chinese. The bits of these people who stayed in the Old World mixed heavily with the Northern Han at a later point, and that new Siberian people came and wiped out the existing First Peoples in the New World and spread across most of the northern latitudes to lightly--and I mean lightly--mix with the Saami people who were had been living in the polar regions for several thousand years.