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Off to the rave 8 12, 11:22pm

There was another way to get into Valhalla. If you were a good enough warrior, you'd probably end up dying in your bed simply because you were too good in battle. For those warriors, they could get into Valhalla by carving Tyr's rune into their flesh on their death bed, and die with that open wound.
It's also hard to say how much people liked the thought of Valhalla. There were probably times when it seemed like a good deal and other times when it didn't.

Folkvanger was another option, although you had little say in whether you went there. You had to be picked by Freya, so perhaps it was a good idea to groom yourself before battle.

Ultimately we know very little, mainly because Horatio Nelson destroyed like 90% of all relics of that period before anyone had figured out how to translate them.