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Off to the rave 11 12, 9:47am

@Ravian First of all, Freya had first pick of those fallen in battle. So those she liked went to Folkwang, her place. Odin merely got the rest of them. Then, there may have been other places imagined besides Folkwang, Valhalla and Helheim. I believe I read somewhere sailors drowned at sea would go to the place of a sea nymph or goddess Ran, or Rann. There may be some hint somewhere that Thor housed some dead people too. Then again, there was the idea that sould remained connected to the graves, and family would try to contact them there. My best guess is there was an assumption that people would go to some place in the afterlife that suited them. Warriors to some warrior place, other people to appropriate other places.

That being said, the Sage of Biorn is cool and funny.