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Off to the rave 17 1, 7:09pm

Odin the Psychopomp?

By now most of you know about what Odin's sphere is, and how he chooses those who will dwell with him in his hall

But does he only chose those died in battle or there is something else about the God we don't know yet, for know we will only focus on this subject.

When Roman writers and historians spoke of the gods and goddesses of other peoples, they generally tried to identify them with deities from their own religion, with some exception like Isis,Epona, which eventually gave birth to branches like Gallo-Roman religion and such

Odin was identified somewhat with Mercury due to his association with death more than war among the Germans as Tacitus wrote in his book 'Germania'

According to the tribes roman scholars came into contact, to them Wodan was the god of death, not just those who died in battle, from sickness to sacrificial, as well as his ability to talk to the dead and mastery over necromancy (another attribute of Mercury)

So, this opens up an interesting question, if Odin was associated with all manner of dead and their souls, then why did he became associated with only those who die in battle?