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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 18 1, 6:35am


"Actually there is already a good size area with "walls" (fences) already up and it would cost less to complete than we give away. To our government, the expense is a drop in the bucket. Our media does love trying to make people think otherwise. "

Actually, there isn't.
There are portions that have walls - yes - but only a tiiiny fraction of the entire distance.
Look at a map - the US-Mexico border is huge.

But either way - it would still cost much more to man the entire stretch of the wall - which is what you have to do to get any use out of it.
Last time someone tried anything on this scale was the Great Wall of China - it hasn't been done since, because it's simply not practical and it would cost huge sums of money to keep operational.

The US being the richest country in the history of the world it could obviously still afford it if it chose to - but most reasonable people would think universal health care would be a more sensible priority.

Especially since every other industrialized nation on earth (and many even poorer countries) already has that.

"We could also use the money to help Mexico deal with their issues"

The best help the US could give Mexico would be to deal with your insane gun laws.
Almost all guns fueling the violence in Mexico are bought legally in the US and smuggled into Mexico.

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