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The biggest and bestest hostage taker

The biggest and bestest hostage taker

This government shutdown has been going on for a while, eh?

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18th January 2019
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5 years ago #9807020        

I remember someone asking in a comment on this site if Trump was actually going to build a wall, once he won the election - way back in 2016.

I said then it'll never happen - and it won't.

And it's not because of only the Democrats opposing it, like he claims and his supporters believe - it's because even his own Republican party doesn't want the damn thing.

Because it's just a huge waste of money that wouldn't work anyway.

Any wall can be climbed or tunnelled under easily enough - unless you also man it with guards along the entire stretch.

So not only would the wall itself cost billions to build, it would then cost billions more in upkeep and the personal needed to guard it - forever.
At the same time as border crossings are at an historic low and there are far less costly ways of tightening control over the border - if you still feel you need too (which you actually don't).

So it'll never happen.

Trump can't get Mexico to pay for it, he couldn't get a Republican-controlled congress to pay for it - and he sure as shit won't get this congress to pay for it either.

Like most hostage takers Trump is just a desperate idiot without a plan trying to threaten and bluff everyone else into giving him what he wants.

And like most hostage takers he won't succeed - because he's demanding way more then anyone is willing to give him.

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5 years ago #9807119        

Angry Toddler's gonna Angry Toddler

5 years ago #9807764        

Trump states on camera that he would proudly shut down the government.
*Government shuts down*
"It's all the Dems fault!!!"

Trump tweeted during Obama's "failing" administration that he controlled both house and couldn't get initiatives passed.
*Same thing happens during Trump presidency*
"It's all the Dems fault!!!"

It's actually been reported that the Dems are willing to give Trump his money for the wall (or fence or metaphorical structure or whatever it is today) in exchange for permanent protection for the Dreamers. Trump turned this down.

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5 years ago #9807019        

To hell with any talk of obstructionist democrats. This is totally on Trump and would be even if he hadn't previously said he would take responsibility for any shutdowns. Congress is putting it's foot down, refusing to be bullied and affirming separation of powers.


5 years ago #9807441        

I love my country. But I don't always love my govt.

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5 years ago #9815088        

Let’s compromise and build a wall around the White House.

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5 years ago #9807108        

*laughs, then sighs because she lives in America and really doesn't like what's going on*

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5 years ago #9809003        

I would pay full price to see a show with Canada and Mexico as cops

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5 years ago #9807690        

I'd love to see more comics about Brother America and Sister Mexico's relationship.

Or just more Sister Mexico in general lol

5 years ago #9807384        

i get benefits from the government because i'm disabled. i've already been told that i might not receive some of them if the government doesn't resume by Feb. 1st. our local food pantry is almost out of food because the influx of government workers. and can't get vital paperwork so i can apply for community based resources. it totally sucks that he's throwing a tantrum when we REALLY need that money for more pressing issues...

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