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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 19 1, 6:29pm


Smugglers are already digging tunnels under the short stretches of wall that has already been built by previous administrations.
I just saw footage of Trump being shown images of this and having it explained to him, when he visited the border recently.

No one would use a ladder - a rope with a grappling hook is what you use.

Ever looked at a map?
The wall in Israel would have to wrap something like 50 times around the entire country (if that is even enough) to come close to the distance of the US-Mexico border.
And if Turkey has some wall somewhere it's certainly not covering their entire border (and still, their entire land border is still much shorter then the US-Mexico border of course).

I guess you get these comparisons from some right-wing outlet, trying desperately to find anything to support Trumps idiotic brain fart of an idea.
But the fact remains that he can't even get his own republican congressmen to support this nonsense - people who otherwise support him on everything - that's how f*ing stupid this idea is.

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