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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 19 1, 1:01am

@Nisse_Hult @Steeeve
Don't worry about Mexico. If you are up to date, you know that Mexico has a new left winger president, the first since three decades of neoliberalism supported by the USA, Juan Manuel Lopez Obrador. With the Latin American left (called socialism of the 21st century), Mexico will favor the industry, the internal economy, and slow down the free market. By favoring the industrial economy of the country will improve the quality of life and many Mexicans will not be in need of emigrate nor will they believe that of the "American dream". With the new presidency good things can happen with Trump as bad ones , but Mexico will succeed in this six years.

PS: And what @Nisse_Hult says is true, it would be nice if the United States stopped selling illegal weapons illegally on the border with Mexico. the media doesn't talk about these and more strange things than the US does on the border, only RT talks about this.

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