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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 22 1, 9:22pm

@Nisse_Hult Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the wall. The cruelty behind the shutdown is the point (not dreamed up by Trump, but his advisers), not an effect. While the US media is focused on the shutdown, they are missing the reality as the national parks fall apart which will be leveraged later to sell them for mineral rights, and people were brought back to approve off-shore drilling with little to no oversight. Some things are getting some attention (e.g. the Deripaska deal), but most are not.

The Census is being dramatically affected by this which will result in inappropriate resource reallocation as well as affecting rights. FDA inspections are being missed in many areas now, a number of FBI investigations halted, and federal workers can't pay bills.

And we can't approve the wall at this point because, just like a toddler that holds his breath because he isn't getting his way, you can't react to it or the toddler will just keep using that trick over and over again.

Overall, this is a power play, and neither US media nor most politicians have the wherewithal to understand that.

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