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Sauna for a king 18 1, 7:40am

Bit of Finnish hamburger chain history... There is this American franchisee company called Carrols Restaurant Group that is actually the biggest Burger King franchisee in the world, but it used to run its own unaffiliated chain called Carrol's. In Finland a Finnish company bought that chain and a Finnish retail company Kesko bought that company and the brand remained, though the name lost the aposthrophe. Over the years it had do compete with McDonalds heavily, which kept cutting prices, funded by money overseas. Eventually, Kesko got tired of that and sold the chain to the second rival, Finnish Hesburger. Hesburger eventually discontinued the chain and replaced their restaurants with its own.

Burger King landed in Finland in Finland at early 80s, but stopped operations in mid 80s. One of the restaurants switched to McDonalds, which was the first in Finland. The second time it landed at 2013 and has expanded pretty rapidly since then.

These days I prefer Whopper, but it used to taste better when it was a rare treat, back when I had to go to other countries to get it, or when it had just arrived to Helsinki. Big Mac is OK. The Hesburger burgers I hate, too much mayo, but once in a blue moon they bring back the Carrols Clubburger, which is incredibly nostalgic to me. That is the rare treat now.