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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 20 1, 11:00am

@Packless1 It won't be North Korea. He thinks he's all buddies with Kim, while Kim knows how to play Trump.

It probably will be Iran, for various reasons. For one, such an attack is supported by both Israel and Saudi Arabia, both countries that have gone out of their way to flatter and curry favor with the Trump administration. Both countries hate Iran and would fully support the US attacking them, which means they wouldn't have to pay for it. Another thing is, Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton has always wanted to attack Iran. His reasoning isn't completely clear, but his devotion to the idea has been out in the open for a couple decades.

And since there are no longer any "Generals" left in his administration to tell The Donald how bad an idea it is, it wouldn't surprise me in the least for him to start a war with Iran.