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The biggest and bestest hostage taker 22 1, 2:25am

I suspect you don't understand how the President's veto works... he uses it and the bill goes back for a revote. //This has already happened.// If the Congress can muster a supermajority the bill goes into effect and all Trump can do is whinge and moan about how "The wall won't be built and it's all Congress' fault, a-boo-hoo". Mitch McConnell is stopping the bill from coming to the floor for a vote (and everything else) because he knows the Democrats have enough to get a supermajority.

So sure, Trump "started it", but it's totally out of his hands at this point. He is powerless, but you go ahead and keep crying out to the heavens "ORANGE MAN BAD!" and see how far that takes ya. Me? I'm going to blame the people actually at fault.