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Coming for your head 14 2, 9:41pm

It has mixed spreading here, 7 was immediately translated by a larger private channel, a few years later so was 6 by a smaller channel that got the rights after they weren't renewed.

New Who started being translated in the late 10 or early 11 era, but by now all of 9-11 and half of 12 were translated, and are available on Netflix. I don't know if anybody cares for later 12 though, maybe some pay TV channel, it's not available for free at least? Anyway the writing went downhill for a while now, I don't remember more than 1 or 2 non bad Capaldi episodes, which kinda sucks for him I guess.

Anyway I grew up with reruns of 7 so I'm used to suffering (McCoy was great, possibly the best. But the production quality was terrible even for the standards of the original Doctor Who), but the Capaldi era still managed to kill all interest (that was already terribly wounded by the later Smith episodes).