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He likes the D 5 3, 8:38pm

wrote : "Anglicism, how could we have ever manage without it?"

Indeed the Dutch love-hate relationship with the English is as old as... probably even older than the Verenigde Provinciën.

I'll completely agree with you when you state there are also "wildernis" and "woesternij". Personally I never use "woesternij" it seems so... "obsolete".
"Wildernis" is a term I use but there are many places that could be described as "wildernis" in my use of the term. When I was in the Australian, I felt I was in "de wildernis". Every animal, every insect, every plant could become a lethal danger. It was in no sense "a jungle". "Jungle" is, according to me, a tropical, densely wooded "wildernis".

I'm wondering how you use those various terms. I really do.

Saluutjes, zoals ze soms zeggen in West-Vlaanderen.