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He likes the D 6 3, 10:35pm

@Daru , My southern neighbour, Indeed the odd relationship between Dutch and English is an old one and problably even started befor the Dutch (national) unification, it even lasts these days and is 'fought' at two fronts, the Low-Franconian (not French) speaking Hollanders and Brabanders in the west and the south, against the Frisians and a Saxon coalision in the north and the east, and the "English" in the far west. Frisian and several "Saxon" dialect are actually closer related to English instead of Dutch.

A 'jungle' is indeed a "Wildernis" but a 'Wildernis' is not, necessarily a jungle (Wildernis: {pure nature with no or barely any influence of man}). As for a 'Woestenij' a could be an example (pure and unhospitable nature with no or barely any influence of man). 'Woestenij' is not the same as 'Woestijn' though and mostly is a Wildernis that has become unhospitable for people, like the Australian Outback.

End as wy up den Mark seit: 'vrea end good gån'.