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He likes the D 10 3, 1:16am


As you seem to show a deep knowledge of your language and you are able to convey your message clearly.

Of course, some teachers can be "messy", and some engineers... well... there have been examples of engineers who were not totally up to the job.

You'll be surprised to learn that, until my retirement, I used to teach (yep !) to students in the bachelor's and master's degree of industrial engineering. It was grand. Sometimes, they were a pain, at other times, we had such a good time together that we didn't notice the 3 hours had passed. Such is the job.

It's not really the teachers who are to blame, believe me, but those "psychopedagogues" who have never had to teach to a real group of students for a whole year. As an engineer, you know it, it's easy to say something has to work because it was calculated to work and then comes reality and you notice that the device doesn't work. I really enjoyed the no-bullshit mentality of my former students.