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He likes the D 13 3, 9:33pm


I would'nt call it "messy" it's more like "chaotic", i suppose, atleast that is in my experience.
At my work office the whole engineering dep. was seted in one officespace and we poted a A2 sised print on our door, with, in my oppinion, the most briljant quote from one of the greatest minds from the 19nd - 20st cetury, Albert E.; "Nur kleine Geister brauchen ordnung Genies können mit dem Chaos leben." As a warning sign like "Beware, for beyond this door lays a realm of uncoprehansible chaos!"

Even though I do know allot about the school system since I have several relatives that are teachers, math and physics. Then again, that says little to nothing about my development to become a engineer, I could have become a rock musician if you'd reckon that practicly half my family (my fathers whole direct family) actualy plays an istrument or 2.., 3.
Even though those "psychopedagogues" surely aren't of any real use they atleast don't derail the schooling system as thoroughly as pollyticians, ever since I was done with school (17 years ago) the system has been changed 15 times already.