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They did their best 22 4, 12:17pm

Hooookay, looks to be a lot of "Lost Cause" revisionism, that insidious pseudohistory that claims the American Civil War was about States' Rights, repression, or anything other than slavery, going on in here. So let's set the record straight; the Civil War was about slavery, period.
And don't take my word for it, look at the declarations on the matter from Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas, the backbone of the Confederacy. Every one of them names as an immediate cause for the war the threat posed to "the institution of negro slavery."
Maybe y'all live in an egalitarian paradise but my white ass lives in a zipcode where racism and discrimination are a real problem for real people every bloody day and this "Lost Cause" nonsense, propped up in part by these statues dedicated to traitors, comes up constantly in its defense.
Tear 'em down. Tear it all down.