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It's Complicated 12 5, 3:37am

she looks so pleased in her last panel hehe, thats such a cute look for her ^^
i wish america was more like germany, where theres a town that allows full public nudity. x3

how do you think the satw countries 'have sex' in their non-personified-forms? ((and when, how, and with who do you think brother america will finally lose his virginity? XD))
i imagine a countrys sexuality could be roughly translated as doing something personal for/to another country that intentionally and greatly enriches both countrys cultures or histories in some way ((as opposed to negatively influencing it like war and such, which of course translates in satw simply as fighting)), for no personal agenda or profit or anything, just to make them feel good. sort of like the way france gave america the statue of liberty, or sweden and denmark built that bridge/tunnel thing, or aland chose a flag closely resembling swedens. you know, gestures too influential to be typical interactions? if you can see what i mean?
tho i hear the statue is more of a motherly 'congratulations' gift, the tunnel/bridge was meant to be more 'just friendly' ((lol casual meetup? ;D)), and the flag was a personal choice aland chose for itself, so i wonder what would really constitute a country 'having sex' with another... =o
its a very strange but interesting thing to think about haha.