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Secrets secrets 8 6, 5:14am

@Dan It's not just a Gen Z thing, it's a... for lack of a better term Immature Male thing. It's quite common with guys from middle school through college and even a few years beyond. A lot of those guys eventually mature mentally & emotionally, get married, have kids, etc. and start acting differently. Some never change, and are total jerks till the day they die. I don't know if it'll ever be solved, because I've seen guys I _know_ were raised not to act that way start acting like that as soon as they got away from home.

That dakimakura discussion sounds totally ridiculous though, does the girl have money to pay for it? If so, she can buy whatever the hell she wants, just like everyone else. Only room for argument would be age, if she's underage she probably shouldn't be buying R-18 ones, but that applies to underage boys as well.

And before anyone takes offense, let me be clear that I'm not saying all guys act this way, just far, far too many.