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Dangerous Waters 20 7, 5:51am

@PeterBruells The cause of drowning can be vastly different however. Given that Denmark has a lot more coast and have been known to be a seafaring people, it would not surprise me if we had relatively more people working on and around the sea and that would surely lead to more accidents and death by drowning. In a similar vain, it is easier to drunkenly fall in the harbor in Denmark.

When we are talking about German tourist drowning as a problem in Denmark, then we are normally looking at beach guests and recreational swimming in open waters in particular. Germans exhibit notoriously foolish behavior around our coasts. Not taking into account the weather, current or other factors that may endanger you.

I just looked up the statistic for drowning in Denmark in the years 2001-2012. Of confirmed accidents Germans make up 10%. That is a huge number considering the amount of German tourists and local Danish people visiting the beaches.