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Dangerous Waters 22 7, 4:42am

Canada's all too familiar with tourists earning the Darwin Award. European tourists in particular can't seem to viscerally grasp how fast, empty and wild much of the country is. We have uninhabited stretches bigger than some countries with plenty of big predators and we still get tourists who wander off into it like it was European woodland. Usually the rescue teams find them in time but yeah, dead tourists are a thing here too.

At least the tourists who figure they can just casually drive between different parts of the country are only at risk of disappointment and looking a little foolish. They'd never plan a week long driving vacation that includes Lisbon to Berlin (let alone Moscow) but they do when they plan trips to Canada because it's all in the same country, right? They see the map that spans a continent but for a small fraction of folks, the size just does not compute.