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Maybe stop it now? 28 7, 9:09am

When I moved from Las Vegas, USA, to Tokyo, Japan, for school, I’d often go down to a local bar to study. One night I was in there, the bartender asked me how hot it got in Vegas. It took me a minute to reply, not so much because I didn’t know the Japanese for what I wanted to say, but because I’ve never been good at converting America’s stupid Fahrenheit system to Celsius.

After a moment, I told him. “Go-ju do gurai.”

Him and another employee busted up laughing. A friend who was WAY more fluent than I translated, “He’s laughing because you messed up your Japanese numbers. You said it was fifty degrees in Las Vegas!”

I had to show him the weather site on my phone that gave the highs for that August, then the conversion for Fahrenheit to Celsius. The looks on their faces were PRICELESS!!! That bartender looked at me like I was some sort of monster or alien the rest of that night.