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Maybe stop it now? 1 8, 9:49am

I was an exchange student in Japan, telling some teachers who asked about how cold it got in Canada. I told them about a family Christmas in Ottawa (our capitol) where it was -45c, and the adults kicked all us kids out of the house to go "play outside" on a nearby sledding hill. After 20 minutes, it got very hard to breathe... because our nose-hairs had frozen together, so we turned back.

The Japanese teachers laughed at hearing -45c, and though I didn't quite understand the words they used taking to each other about it, from the posing it was obvious they were kidding about taking a piss and having it freeze before it hit the ground.

Yeeeeeah... I wasn't going to take my dick out in that weather; I might not get it back!

You COULD spit and hear it make a cracking noise hitting the ground though.