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The big question 10 8, 7:06pm

The washing machine I the kitchen in the UK would be historical.
When washing was done when there was no indoor running water, you would collect the water and heat it on the kitchen stove then transfer to the wash tub either inside or by the kitchen door, later when indoor plumbing happened the tap would be in the kitchen, the toilet would still be outside for many years.
Early washing machines would require the water to be heated first, so kitchen was the nearest place and it had the sink to empty the water to the drainage.
Twin tubs came along and you had to fill them, kitchen sink tap via a hose, though they heated the water they didn't drain straight into the drains, they pumped water back out via a hose into the sink. You would roll it out from under a work surface or corner and use it that way then roll it back when finished so closer to a sink was the best place, hence being placed in the kitchen.
When automatic machines appeared they replaced the old top loaders or twin tubs, they obvious place was replace one with the other and so in the kitchen they remained.
Laundry rooms were for larger houses with servants.
Also where electricity was initially placed in houses forced practicality of the machine position, few houses in the UK have a electricity socket in the bathroom but lots in the kitchen.