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Secret Pride 26 8, 2:48am

Pardon? We had gay marriage legalized decades before America did.
Gay American couples used to come up here for their weddings. Some still do. Niagra Falls is a popular destination for it in my part of the country.

FYI our solution in many large cities to the whole Trans-person bathroom debate was to take the gendered signs OFF the bathrooms entirely; not implemented everywhere yet to be sure, but give it time.

We also abolished slavery about 100 years before the USA (right about the time we started acting as our own, unique country) and while we can't make everyone play nice together, institutionalized racism is virtually nonexistent here by comparison to the US.

So if you're looking to flee the USA's 10-steps-forward-9-back creeping liberalism for a place with more "traditional values", Canada is not for you. We've ALWAYS been more left-wing and moderate than our southern neighbors... starting with how we're one of the very few countries of the world who gained their independence without going to war over it. (Which reminds me; no "right to bear arms" up here either.)