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The Proposal 27 8, 10:14pm

@Cervani While America has a lot to apologize for with Trump. I question whether we should? Our individual attempts to be civil and loyal to our allies, just put them in a position to where Trump and our fascists can sh*t on them. But on the other hand if Europe does turn us, it will just validate the fascists' claims.

I guess what I am saying, is Europe, Trump and the fascists might be our metaphorical conjoined twin, but they are their own person. We can not apologize for their actions. But please take this heart felt apology that we have not done more to deal with them. We are working on the problem. Please be patient and use your best judgement. Right now our metaphorical twin in charge of the legs and we are doing our best to not walk off a both a metaphorical and literal cliff.