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The Proposal 28 8, 11:24pm

@Tireman Well I don't know... Why would it be racist to say that jews love him ? It's an incredibly stupid comment, and it's probably disrespectful of Judaism on some degree, but racist ? I'm not so sure, it is clearly not racist in its pure sense anyway.
But I suppose it can be racist depending on your definition of racism (which has become pretty vague nowadays)
Well I was probably not very clear : I'm not saying jews are not targets of insults, bad jokes or outright racist comments on their everyday life (I'd say they probably have it better than most minorities though, but then I don't know a lot of jews, maybe it's just my impression). But though people would do that on the street or in private, it is very very rare for a public person (journalist, politician...) to do so in a public statement while it's not so rare to hear racist comments about other minorities (it is not that common either, overall it is pretty bad press to make those in France).