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Armed to immobilize 30 8, 10:41am

@Tarmaque Anyone who thinks that more guns in a school is a good idea needs to read up on Joseph Zamudio.

During the Rep. Gabby Giffords shooting, a man and woman subdued the shooter, and the woman picked his firearm up and held him at the shooter at gunpoint. Joseph Zamudio, a concealed-carrier, arrived at the scene late, and incorrectly identified the heroic woman as the shooter. Only through blind, stinking luck and the grace of God did he not shoot her, but instead tried to physically subdue her, before being told he was a flaming moron by everyone else present.

That was in a parking lot in front of a grocery store. Now, picture halls full of scared, screaming kids trying to flee, not knowing where the shooter is, who the shooter is, what lies beyond the shooter (are there armed teachers coming at him from the other way you might hit?) If this is an ideal situation for dealing with a school shooter, hell, why don't we just have grenades that drop from the ceiling when somebody pulls an alarm? There'd be fewer casualties.