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Armed to immobilize 30 8, 10:16pm

@Dorsai Who gives a crap about an avatar? If that's your try to seem superior because of a avatar of China from this comic, then you're pretty sad to be honest. I'll change to DPRK if it makes you happier?

Yes, the people of Hong Kong are fighting for their freedom, but as you might have noticed they are not using guns or violence to force their will, because if they start using violence it makes them just as bad as the shitty Chinese government.

Like I said, just because something was written on a piece of paper ~240 years ago doesn't mean it has any use in today's society which is vastly different from the world back then.

As an example, many Americans claim to be christian, but if they are... then why aren't they following the Bible 100% to the letter? Death penalty for adultery as an example? Because people at some point decided it was to extreme... and changed the rules.. which means that can be done to the, oh so sacred, US constitution as well.