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Armed to immobilize 30 8, 10:30pm

@DarkMage7280 I’m an atheist, and not particularly prone to superstition, but I felt like Sandy Hook was a message from *some* cosmic force, trying to get us to see reason. Let me explain....

December 14, 2012, a man entered the school in Sandy Hook, CT, with a gun and KILLED 26 people (20 children, 6 adults). That exact same day, at the Chenpeng Village Primary School in China, a man entered the school and went on a stabbing spree with a knife, INJURING 24 people (23 children, 1 adult).

The parallels are creepy in their similarity, and it bears repeating: 26 people DIED in a shooting spree, 24 people were INJURED in a mass stabbing. Yes, there are always going to be psychos, but why on God’s green Earth do we have to make their depravity easier?!