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Armed to immobilize 31 8, 1:29pm

@poodle_doodle in fairness, I can see places where gun ownership is no big deal. Rural areas with lots of open space and long times for law enforcement to be able to show up to do their job, sometimes firing a stray shot into the air is enough to scare off the bored teenagers trying to grow a little pot farm on your land (yea, that is an oddly specific example I gave, and for good reason lol). And that's not even counting the people who still legitimately hunt their own meat for food. But a good idea in one area is not a good idea in another. In cities/suburbs, for example, where a stray shot could hurt or kill some random bystander...yea. You're absolutely right. It server no real purpose there. I just want to point out that the location where a person lives does matter.

Of course, even in a rural area, there's a big difference between owning a couple rifles and being one of those nuts who practically jerk off while staring at their collection. And sadly, I'm thinking those nuts are outnumbering the responsible gun owners.