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Armed to immobilize 2 9, 1:05pm

'@Wetmang' yes, you already proven that cars kill and main people even without intent of the driver. That makes them more dangerous, not less.

What you don't notice, or pretend to not notice, is that perceived safety and widespread of the cars are the reason why, in absolute numbers, their number of accidental or intentional fatalities is huge.
Real or fake outrage is about individual people killed, not some ratio.
As example of Dijon, Nantes, Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, New York, Munster and Toronto shows us that cars were used to maim and murder shocking number of people, if used with intent.
Tens of thousands of people per year die to car accidents in EU alone. Hundreds of those are children. I'll use a popular rhetorical device used in US and ask: how many more children have to die before you do something about cars?