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The Proposal 2 9, 5:10pm

@Tireman Hmmmm I understand what you mean. But still I don't consider it racist, because he's probably not really considering jews as an ethnic group but as an elector group. Trump is a politician so he's trained to see people as "group of electors" and I'm pretty sure he would say the same thing about coal workers or journalists or catholics... And what he's doing is just regular politics as 'convincing an electoral group to vote for him'. What I mean to say is that he's speaking of american jews as he would speak of any other random group of people hence I don't consider it a racist comment because he's literraly treating jews like he's treating everybody else (poorly then but eh... what can i say...).

I say it's a stupid comment though because he has no argument whatsoever. He just states something, expecting it will magically turn true if he says it enough (which is how he operates, and it seems to be working somehow, I wish I had the power to do that...).

Though I'll agree with you that it probably depends on how broad of a definition of racism you have. And of how much you value the importance of ridding your speech of things that could be racist (well the exact word is xenophobic, the actual sense of racism is way more restrictive than what it's used for) in other circumstances or outside of context.