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Armed to immobilize 2 9, 8:43pm

@Eboreg Interestingly, school shootings have not "escalated way out of control." They're actually less common than they were 25 years ago or so. The difference is how the shooters these days are armed, and the higher media attention they garner.

That last bit is the important bit. Every time there's a school shooting these days the media talk it up as if it's a huge and growing problem. It most certainly is a problem, but if you look at the statistics it isn't "growing." School security measures are far better than they were 30 years ago, and faculty intervention with problematic students is a lot better. Take it from me. I know a lot of teachers (My family is in education. Dad was a teacher, my Mom was a school secretary, my Aunt is a school librarian, another Aunt works in special education, and my Grandmother and her sister were both classroom aids. My Dad was also a principal for about seven years before he went back to teaching in the late 80's. By the way, of all of them and all the teachers I know through them, nobody advocates for arming teachers. They all think it's an insane policy.)